Dennis Duffy, MBA, CPA

Dennis Duffy, Founder & Chairman
In Memorium

DENNIS M. DUFFY, MBA, CPA, (1944-2022).  Dennis M. Duffy, retired founder and Chairman, departed this world peacefully on November 30, 2022. Dennis was the founder and Chairman of Duffy+Duffy Cost Segregation Services, Inc., the first Ohio Cost Segregation firm in 2002. His company has grown exponentially over the last 2 decades, conducting commercial property engineering-based Cost Segregation Studies nationwide since 2002.  Mr. Duffy leaves a legacy team of highly trained and qualified Cost Segregation professionals in Ohio and Michigan who will continue to deliver the quality of work that he expected in his honor.

Mr. Duffy was an Ernst & Young and KPMG alumnus with a background in the construction industry and was knowledgeable in tax law relating to Cost Segregation Studies and EPAct Section 179D. He had been a CPA since 1972, was a long-time member of the Ohio Society of CPAs, and worked with international and regional public accounting firms and as a financial executive in industry and government.  His formal education included a BBA in accounting and an MBA in international finance from Cleveland State University as well as extensive construction technology training.  He authored many articles on the benefits of Cost Segregation and is a frequent speaker on the topic.

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