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Duffy + Duffy Cost Segregation Experts

Approved CPE Provider in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania

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Cost Segregation allows commercial building owners to generate cash flow by accelerating depreciation deductions on their buildings and deferring taxes. An engineering-based Cost Segregation Study is the only method recognized by the IRS to identify Personal Property and Land Improvements contained in a commercial structure. Read an article, co-written by Dennis Duffy and Craig Miller, as published in CPA Trendlines.

Duffy+Duffy is an approved CPE Provider in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – Click Here for seminar information.

Duffy+Duffy is one of the leading Cost Segregation firms in the industry – performing studies based on case law and IRS guidance using CPAs, and construction engineers and estimators.

Duffy+Duffy Conducts Cost Segregation on LEED Certified Construction Projects

“Duffy+Duffy’s team of experts conducted a cost segregation study for Cawrse & Associates Inc. newly constructed office building, and their existing office building. The income tax deferrals and cash flow generated through cost segregation for both buildings was significant. Cost Segregation is a smart and valuable tax planning tool that every owner should do.”
Craig E. Cawrse, FASLA, Cawrse & Associates, Inc.


My CPA recommended Duffy+Duffy Cost Segregation for Lyon Video. After a detailed analysis of our construction plans and on sight visits, Duffy+Duffy engineers identified significant personal property and land improvements that qualified for accelerated and bonus depreciation. Over 40% of the construction cost of Lyon Video’s newly constructed headquarters could be depreciated over a much shorter depreciation life. The income tax savings from the cost segregation study provided Lyon Video with additional cash and working capital that we were able to use for our expanding business. Cost Segregation is a common-sense and legal income tax planning tool for building owners.
Bob Lyon, Lyon Video. Columbus, OH

What types of buildings are eligible?

  • Commercial buildings of any kind constructed or purchased since 1987 are eligible.

  • New buildings qualify for accelerated depreciation deductions starting right away.

  • Buildings purchased or constructed since 1987 are eligible for “catch up” adjustments producing large tax deductions and increased cash flow.

  • Commercial buildings can be owned by the operating company or by an individual, a LLC, a partnership or Family Limited Partnership.

  • If the operating company or real estate holding entity is paying taxes, there will be savings.

some preliminary information we can give you an estimate of the depreciation acceleration and the tax savings. Duffy+Duffy will quote you a flat fee for your expert study. Email us here or call 440-892-3339.

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